THE MODELS THE MODELS The Matchbox Fleet Back in the 1960s I fashioned these models of the trackless trams from Matchbox Toys. The double-deckers were modified from Matchbox Toy No 56 while the single-decker was made out of the top deck of a Matchbox Toy No 5 Routemaster! Fast forward to the 1990s and we move up to 1/76 scale or thereabouts! 179601995 Brush Bogey Car The tram exiting Toll Gate depot in the background is a standard Matchbox Yesteryear Preston Car with extra window bays and a canvas fringe to the top deck. The large tram in the foreground comprises two Matchbox Yesteryear Preston Cars joined together to represent one of the six large Brush bogey cars operated by Cape Town Tramways. 179601997 RS&J and Tower Wagon This Ransomes double-decker was converted from OOC Weymann trolleybus. The tower wagon has been converted from a combination of OOC tower wagon and EFE AEC lorry. 179601998 Single-decker Trackless Tram The Ransomes single-decker is a very heavily engineered OOC AEC Q. Thanks to photo editing it can be seen coming and going! 179601996 My Favourite Sunbeam Pre-war Sunbeam MS2 based on OOC BUT London Q1. Seen together in model form are two of the finest looking trolleybuses of their era. 179601989 The Trackless Fleet Line up of the four types of trackless trams operated by City Tramways. The post-war Sunbeam MS2 at right is made up from two OOC Weymann trolleybuses judiciously cut and rejoined. 179601987 Tower Wagons The tower wagon fleet. The Leyland Comet in the centre has a Base Toys bonnet and like the other two has EFE and OOC components. The tower wagon at the right was originally an AEC similar to the one on the left but was re-engined with a Gardner engine and extended bonnet with Daimler radiator. 179601988 CA 109 Matchbox Yesteryear Leyland Titan TD1 represents Cape Town and South Africa's first double-decker motor bus. 179601991 The Daimlers Gardner engine Daimlers were a favourite with City Tramways. At left is pre-war Daimler represented by OOC Utility. At centre and right are two and three axle versions of the Daimler CVG6. The three axle version comprises two OOC Weymann buses suitably cut and rejoined. Subsequent to this photo being taken all my models have had the distinctive "South African" sun shields fitted to their windows. 179602000 Daimler CVG6/6 A scene recreated from the book "Cape Trams" - photograph of 3 axle Daimler when new at Ebenezer Road. 179601993 Half Cab Leylands A pair of repainted Leylands from EFE. The double decker is one of a number imported with standard Leyland bodies distinguished by large destination blinds and lack of sun shields. 179601999 Full Fronted Leylands And another pair of Leylands. Fanfare resin model provides a Leyland Olympic while the Atlantean is a Dinky Toy. 179601992 Trackless Tram Replacements An RT from EFE and a Leyland PD3 from OOC. 179601994 Desiree Lingerie Often starring in photos of post war Sunbeams, "Desiree Lingerie" also starred on a PD3 in the B grade movie "A Cape Town Affair". 179601990