Springbok Bus Roots

1950s Motor Buses & Trackless Trams of Cape Town, South Africa

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In posting this rambling work of personal nostalgia, I would like to acknowledge invaluable resource material in "Cape Trams - From Horse to Diesel" by City Tramways 1961, "Port Elizabeth Tramways" and other works by Graham Shields 1979, "Track and Trackless" by Peter Coates 1976 and "Double-deck Trolleybuses of the World" by Brian Patton 2005 as well as a variety of technical snippets that have appeared in the press from time to time.

Since this web site was created in 2005 I am indebted to the following people from around the world who have helped in putting together more of the pieces in the fascinating jigsaw that is City Tramways. They are: the late Andrew Johnson and Adrian Clarke of the PSV Circle in England, Susan Lawrence of Melbourne Australia and Peter Coates, Rollo Dickson, Les Pivnic and Graham Zabus of South Africa. I am also indebted to Dayle Coombe and her excellent web site on all aspects of South African transport - http://www.sa-transport.co.za/ as well as to Craig Duckham's http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sa_transport/ where I have met some of the great people who have helped me with this site.

Thanks to the original work done by the late Andrew Johnson and the efforts in completing this project by David Corke of the United Kingdom, an excellent PSV Circle Booklet WWK 5 ‘A Fleet History of City Tramways’ is now available from the PSV Circle at www.psv-circle.org.uk  This publication has been followed by others dealing with South African municipal bus operators including the original Golden Arrow company as well as other subsidiaries of Tollgate Holdings.

This article has been updated from one which first appeared in the Omnibus Bulletin of New Zealand. This site is an unofficial site and in no way purports to represent the former City Tramways Co Ltd of Cape Town, South Africa.

David Jones

Woodend, New Zealand


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